A Soundtrack, an Object, and a Bio

Find a Soundtrack for Writing

What happens around you when you write can affect your concentration, flow, and eventually the quality of your content.

Different people find different soundtracks to create the optimal distraction-free settings. Whether it is your local café with people chattering in the background or a quiet room with repetitive ambient sounds, experiment with different soundtracks (live or recorded) and find the ones that work best for you.

Write 500 Words Inspired by an Object on Your Desk

Pick an object from your desk. Observe it, explore it, and let your imagination play with it.

Write 500 words inspired by that object and your random insights. You can describe it, imagine a story in which it plays a role, or find a new use for it. Whatever path you take, don’t settle with making a list of fragmented sentences. Write the text as if it is part of a grander piece of content (even though you have no idea what it is about).

Write a 50 Words Bio

Write an introduction of yourself in 50 words or less.

Decide what is essential for you to emphasize. There is no way to capture the complete you is 50 words. You have to let go of some things.

Work on the text until you feel it conveys what you wish people to know about you first.

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