Setting Time, Associating, and Keeping Your Promise

Set a defined time for writing

The best way to turn writing into a habit is simply doing it.

Close regular times in your calendar just for writing. It doesn’t matter if you have a good idea or not. Use this predefined time for writing, even if you don’t have any idea for a real piece of content. Write your thoughts, things that happened to you, or a description of something you saw.

With time, you will develop the habit of writing, and it will become a natural way for you to express yourself.

Start Associatively — Design Carefully

When you start to work on a piece of content, there is great value in working openly and associatively. Any idea that comes to mind should be captured, and the more ideas for bits you have, the better.

When you feel you have enough raw material, it is time to process it, challenge it, and carefully design your text. To be effective, every sentence and every paragraph should be at the right place and serve your predefined goal.

Don’t Promise What You Can’t Deliver

Whether you write an article or a book, a keynote address, or a training session, make sure to meet the expectations of your audience. Don’t promise what you will not be able to deliver in the scope of that content.

Aiming for a predefined value and delivering it is by far better than promising something and failing to provide it in full.

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