Your Passion, Your Ideas, and Your Voice

Write About Your Passion

When you write about things you care about, your writing is authentic. When you talk about something you are passionate about, it shows.

As long as you find the things you are connected to, the things that make you tick and think, your audience will recognize that and appreciate it.

Maintain a Backlog of Ideas

We think faster than we write. An excellent idea for a piece of content can show up at the most unexpected time, and chances are you won’t be able to drop everything you are doing and develop it. And in a sense, that is great!

Record any idea as it pops up. Keep a backlog of ideas that you can potentially evolve into content items. Even if many of them result in nothing, you will have plenty of ideas to work with and develop.

Read Aloud

When you have a solid draft, read it aloud.

Reading aloud will highlight certain qualities of your text that are otherwise difficult to capture. The way your text sounds says a lot about how the audience will read it. Your mind has fewer chances to skip things and fill the gaps based on your preexisting knowledge when reading aloud.

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