Visuals, Storyboards, and Dialogues

Use Visuals that Add Value

Whether you write an article or design a presentation, only use visuals that add value to the written or spoken text.

Never use a visual just as a decoration. Use visuals that communicate your message at a different level or with varying nuances than the words you write or say.

Use a Storyboard

Whether you plan to deliver a talk that includes visuals or only you speaking, design its flow using a storyboard.

A storyboard helps you arrange your ideas in scenes and connect them with what you aim to happen in real-time, such as audience interactions, activities, or visuals to be presented on screen. It is a lightweight and flexible method to bring your talk to life in the early stages of planning it.

Challenge What You Write

When you have a writing idea, challenge it before and throughout the writing process.

Discussing the idea with anybody is excellent. If you can present it to someone who doesn’t know the things you are going to write about, even better. But even if you only have an honest internal dialogue with yourself, you will find value in challenging your ideas before investing in turning them into a content item.

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