Balance, Reuse, and Walking

Check Your Balance

The balance between different types of bits in your content counts.

Questions, arguments, quotes, examples, visuals, references, and metaphors all have their place in your content. Each of them serves a different purpose, and together they create richer and deeper text. But the balance between them should be carefully thought of.

There are no rules for the correct balance. Sometimes, designing your message around more questions is effective. In other cases, it might be confusing and defocusing. Using many examples can have a radically different impact than using one leading example — either a positive impact or a negative one.

Be aware of the balance between different types of bits and consider whether it serves your goal and promotes the impact you wish to create.

Reuse Your Ideas

Good ideas are not meant to be used only once.

Revisiting your ideas (but not repeating them per se) can make them more vivid and bring them alive.

Reuse your ideas in different contexts, fuse them with other ideas, and highlight various aspects of them across additional content items.

Walk and Talk

Go out for a walk with a voice recorder.

Record your ideas as you walk. Don’t worry about structure, consistency, or phrasing. Just capture your stream of associative thoughts.

Somewhere between the bits you capture, you will find great ideas for writing.

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