On Length, Dynamics, and Associations

Shorter is not Always Better

We tend to think that shorter is better for online content. Many assume the audience prefers shorter content due to their limited attention span and being exposed to ongoing distractions. This is true to some extent, but there’s another side to it.

Longer content offers depth. You can cover more of an idea and avoid settling with trivial or unexplained statements. With longer texts, you can cover different perspectives instead of offering a unidimensional view. Longer content can establish credibility and professionalism.

Your text should still be focused and coherent. Discussing too many ideas or going in too many directions will not value your audience. But don’t assume 500 words are better than 2500 words if you have a meaningful, coherent idea to share.

Make Your Text Dynamic

What you are saying is obviously essential. But how you say it can make a huge difference in how effective your content is.

Change the pace of your text, the lengths of paragraphs, the order of statements and examples, and any other aspect that can make it dynamic. At the same time, make sure the result is aesthetic and pleasant. If it becomes too noisy, the effectiveness of the content will be impacted.

Practice Associative Writing

We typically write with a purpose in mind. We wish to capture our thoughts on something particular or communicate our ideas to someone.

Free associative writing is writing without any boundaries, goals, or intentions. It’s writing just for the sake of writing. Write whatever comes to mind without thinking about it.

Don’t stop to consider flow, phrasing, or effectiveness… just write. You won’t show this to anyone, so don’t hold yourself back.

Apart from a meditative quality, associative writing will help you surface ideas for your “real” writing. When you let your mind wander, it can reach wonderful, unexpected places..

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