White Spaces, Feedback Loops, and Rituals

Create White Spaces

Design your schedule to include white spaces: time blocks dedicated to nothing in particular.

Turn all notifications off, don’t take calls, and don’t aim to produce anything in particular in these spaces. Let things sink in and allow your brain to wander.

Great things are created when you create white spaces.

Create Feedback Loops

Feedback loops are created when two ideas or actions increase the impact of one another, thus creating a snowball effect. Feedback loops can amplify ideas and make a more significant impact.

You can use feedback loops to build meaningful habits and make them more impactful. Here’s one that works for me: when I have an idea and capture it in writing (for myself), it makes me think of it more. And the more I think of it, I feel a need to write about it more. As a result, I spend more time developing ideas and writing about them.

Find the feedback loops that can help you evolve.

Create a Ritual

Turn your writing into a ritual. Use distinct lightning and soundtrack, dedicated tools, or even a different sitting arrangement — anything that can signal your brain that this is “writing time” and help you get “in the zone” for writing.

Already have your perfect setup? I’d love to know what works for you.

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