Recharge, Reflect, and Refresh


Writing is a thought process. At least effective writing is. You cannot effectively communicate your ideas without thinking first and practically throughout the writing process.

Like any thought process, writing consumes energy, and therefore it is crucial to recharge yourself frequently. How you recharge is subjective, but its essence is universal.

Do something unrelated to the topic you are writing about. Take a walk, read a book, listen to a podcast, or draw something. Whatever you do, use it not just as a break. Experience it, be mindful about it, be curious and find wonder in it.

Apart from letting your brain do something else, recharging fills your brain with new ideas and potential connections to enrich your writing. Don’t look for them consciously. Let them emerge organically.


Taking some time to reflect is a form of recharging. Reflect daily on what you’ve written and what you felt writing it. Reflect on the writing process and yourself within it.

Often, new ideas will emerge as you reflect. These ideas can affect how you write, but they can also affect the things you write. When you feel, for example, that you’ve enjoyed writing some bit more than others, it could be a cue for you to explore it further. Maybe there is something there that you still haven’t fully carved out.


The more you know about something, the harder it is to see it with a fresh perspective. Unless you intentionally try to.

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