Stories, Stereo, and Senses


Stories are powerful. A good story can create a connection and ignite emotion. Stories are memorable, and they add color and depth.

But a story is never the whole story. Unless your text is aimed to entertain, stories are just a tool — one of many — to help you deliver a message and provide value to your audience.

Don’t let the story take over the text until it blurs the idea you wish to convey. Choose the right tool to express your idea — as powerful as a story is, it is not always the optimal means.


Stereophonic sound creates a three-dimensional sound perspective. It is achieved by using two sound sources. To create a 3D effect, the left and right channels are subtly different. Even if the two sound sources are located almost at the same place, these subtle differences trick your brain into perceiving the sound coming from a vast space.

You can create a stereo-like effect in your text by presenting subtly different views, nuances, and tones. If your text embodies only a single view that does not evolve, is not being challenged, or is not highlighted with a different perspective, it will be perceived as shallow. Even if this perception is unconscious, it affects the audience.

Adding just slight shifts from the main idea or the way it is presented creates depth and a more substantial, more memorable experience for the reader.


Words are magical. Black symbols on a white background can make your brain experience sounds, smells, and sights out of this world. Words can activate all your senses.

Work on different senses in your text. Don’t settle with abstract ideas. Help your ideas come to life by triggering multiple senses in the minds of your audience.

Adding a sensory experience at the right places will make your text more memorable and your ideas more tangible.

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