Read something exciting. Read something Boring. Read anything.

Read Something Exciting

Reading is a great way to learn how to write.

Read something that excites you — something you just can’t put down. Consider what makes it so appealing. Is it just the topic, or is there something in the way the text flows and how the idea is built throughout the text? Maybe it’s the way the text is spiced up with stories, and perhaps it is the choice of words. Is it the rhythm? Is it the length of the text? Is it the tone?

Don’t try to imitate the texts you love, but learn from them. Identify what makes them work for you, and take that into account when designing your text.

Read Something Boring

Reading is a great way to learn how to write. The texts that you don’t find appealing are excellent sources of insights on writing better.

Read something that leaves you indifferent, not because of the topic, but how it was delivered. Consider what makes it a miss, at least for you. Is the text too dry and technical? Is it too emotional and personal? Does it promise something and fail to deliver? Or maybe, it is just repetitive and doesn’t evolve.

Reading boring texts helps you become conscious of what can get wrong when you capture ideas in writing. When you become aware of these pitfalls, it is much easier to avoid them.

Read Something. Anything.

Reading is a great way to learn how to write.

Anything you read can teach you something. Being aware of what you like and what you don’t, and more importantly, why you love or dislike something, can help you develop your tone and technique.

Read. Reflect. Take notes. Then, leave it all aside.
Take a deep breath.
And write.

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