Three Talks

This edition of 3x includes three exercises to enhance your presentation design. They are great to experiment with even if you don’t have an upcoming talk, but if you try them on a real-world example, they will provide insights on what tools to use in your talk and how.

To make the most of these exercises, think of a topic for a 10-15 minutes talk, and use the same subject and the same key ideas for all three experiences.

The Presentation Talk

Design a talk with no more than three presentation slides. Use only visuals (photos, drawings, or data visualizations) and don’t include any text — not even a word!

Make sure the visuals are not designed for decoration but to add real value and new insights or perspectives to the ideas you wish to convey.

Write the key ideas you wish to include and ensure they and the visuals flow together naturally and feed each other.

The Whiteboard Talk

Design a talk accompanied by a whiteboard or flip chart. Plan what you will draw or write on it. Consider which parts you will prepare in advance and what you will add on the fly as you give the talk.

Make sure that anything you plan to draw or write contributes to the flow of the talk and enhances or complements your key ideas.

The Audio-Only Talk

Write a talk designed with no visual aids. Now, it’s only you, your ideas, and your voice.

Consider how you can make your ideas clear and impactful with nothing more than plain words. Use whatever you have created from the two previous experiences to help shape your ideas into compelling text. Choose wisely what to emphasize and what to omit.

Now, try it out on someone.

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