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You in a Chart

We are often asked to introduce ourselves. In most cases, we have to do it briefly, so we have to consciously choose what to emphasize, what to omit, and how to accurately phrase what we say so people will see us as we want them to. At least as a starting point.

What if you introduce yourself using a single chart or a diagram instead of describing yourself in words? What aspect of you will you try to capture? How will you design the chart? What effect will colors, sizes, and the placement of different objects have?

Design the chart that helps you convey a message about yourself that is harder to capture in words, especially when you have to be brief. It can be a map, a bar chart, a pie chart, a Venn diagram, or any other type of data-encapsulating visual.

You in 50 Words

Now, let’s try the complete opposite of that: how would you introduce yourself if you are limited to only 50 words? And not just a list of words, but actual, meaningful sentences with no more than 50 words.

Once again, you’d have to think carefully about what you wish to emphasize and choose the right words to encapsulate what you want to say. But your budget is limited this time, so you can’t waste it on anything beyond what you feel is essential to know about you.

Your Goal as a Doodle

We all know having a vision and setting goals are important. We usually think about defining a vision or a set of goals using words. But what if we try to capture these abstract or imaginary future realities using a simple drawing? We just might discover something we weren’t even conscious of.

You don’t have to know to draw well for this exercise. Just doodle your vision or goals and make sure you can relate to it — that it tells you something new. Maybe this doodle will help you define your goals in words later. Perhaps it will stand by itself. Either way, it is an excellent way to use another form of expression to open our minds to new insights and opportunities.

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