One Word

The Essence in One Word

Pick a text you are currently writing — an article, a post, or even an important email. If you had to capture its essence in one word — one word only — what would that word be?

Are you using that word in the text? Are you using it too much in the text? Does it capture the content of the text or your mood or inner thoughts when writing it? Is that what you are aiming for?

The Opposite in One Word

Using the same text, consider what would be a word — a single word — that captures the complete opposite of the idea you are trying to convey.

Are you using this word in the text? Should you? Will it help clarify the point, or will it distract the reader?

A New Word

Now, invent a new word (and its meaning) that can capture the essence of your text. A word nobody understands (yet) but conveys something hard to express with any other single word.

Would you introduce it in the text?

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