On Vacation

I’m spending this week in London on vacation. But that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve your weekly dose of writing experiences. So, here are three things to try if you happen to be on vacation (or planning one).

Imagine an Experience

A vacation is a perfect time to experience new things, from unfamiliar views to exciting activities. And you don’t have to travel far to have new experiences — you just have to set your mind to it. But how about trying to imagine an experience before you actually experience it?

Close your eyes and try to visualize the experience you are about to have. If you are about to visit a place you’ve never seen before or do something you haven’t done before — even better. See it in detail, even if you have to guess every bit.

Now, write a couple of paragraphs about the experience as you imagined it. You can describe what you saw in your mind, how you felt, and what you hoped for. You can describe the future experience from a high-level perspective or immerse yourself in a few concrete details.

Write it as if you have experienced it already.

Record an Experience

While going through an experience, you should allow yourself to be fully immersed in it. Even taking some photographs might interfere with the experience. But taking some time to record it after it is over is a perfect way to let it sink in, be more memorable, and leave a more significant impact.

We are used to capturing our experiences in photos, but photos rarely capture the awe, the wonder, and our thoughts and insights while going through an experience. Words, on the other hand, can capture anything we think of and imagine.

During your vacation, make some time throughout the day or at the end of each day to write about what you have experienced. Describe what you’ve seen but also what you’ve sensed. Capture your thoughts and your feelings. Allow yourself to write whatever comes to mind — you are writing for yourself and not anyone else.

Let Your Experience Resonate

Writing your experiences allows them to resonate later.

Revisit your written account of the experience. Relive it through the words you have chosen. If new memories or thoughts emerge, write them down. As time passes, some details might fade or seem less important, but others might surface or gain a new meaning.

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