Make Your Content Resonate

If you want your content to create a long-lasting impact, it should resonate with your audience. Resonation is all about hooking into experiences — creating a connection between your content and your audience’s world.

Connect to Past Experiences

Think of an experience your audience is likely to have had that can be connected to the topic you write about. This connection between a memory of your audience and your ideas creates a bond. It amplifies your ideas because the audience superimposes them on their personal experience. At the same time, when they will recall this experience in the future, your content will surface again.

The experience you pick doesn’t have to be directly connected to the content. The experience can be used as a metaphor and say something about the topic by analogy and extension.

Create Real-Time Experiences

Another type of experience that will make your content resonate is real-time experience.

Craft an experience that will accompany your audience as they consume the content. Make them think about or even apply your ideas as they read the content so it will come to life and be present in their world.

Real-time experiences break the wall between you and your audience. You are in this together, and your content becomes generative.

Tap Into Future Experiences

When you tap into future experiences, your audience will not have to remember your content — they will relive it.

Identify where and when your ideas can meet your audience in the future. Plant the right seeds in your content so it will naturally surface and be associated with these experiences.

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