“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”
                                                                                                                                                                                              — George Bernard Shaw

Do you know these self-tests that presumably provide you with a deep personality analysis based on a handful of questions? Well, this is not one of them. But, if you want to know whether to read on or not, take a minute to consider the following statements:

  • Significant part of the workplace communication holds me back, distracts me, or keeps me from doing meaningful work.
  • Much of my workplace communication can be described as noise.
  • Some of the workplace communication I am exposed to creates ambiguity and uncertainty.
  • The bottom line is often vague and unidentifiable.
  • In many cases, the flow and logic of the discussion are hard to follow.
  • Much of the communication is unstructured, spontaneous, and hectic.
  • I frequently feel I am about to miss out on something important.
  • A typical discussion can become overly emotional or vocal without anyone realizing why.
  • I rarely learn something new or gain fresh insights from a typical workplace communication.
  • I sometimes feel I am misunderstood when interacting with others.
  • If I miss even one day of meetings and emails, I find it challenging to jump back into the discussions.
  • I could have skipped quite a few meetings and emails in retrospect without it negatively affecting my work.

If you happened to nod in agreement with at least a few of these statements, you are not alone. Many people across industries and job profiles feel something is just not working when it comes to workplace communication. For the most part, office communication is broken. Instead of helping us work better, it gets in our way. And with the move to a more distributed and remote work environment, things are about to get even worse.

Guess what. We can fix that.

communication done right


Communication should not be a burden. It should be an enabler for co-creating and achieving things together.

A unique program that will unleash the power of effective communication for you and your team. Together we will craft effective communication flows and practices, customized to your goals and needs.

The Book

Read before you write

Our workplace communication is broken. To fix it, we need to talk less, write more, and write better. Way better.

If this statement raises more questions than answers, you’ve just experienced typical ineffective communication in a nutshell.

Download our work-in-progress book and get (most of) the answers so you can start communicating better for real.

PDF and ePub versions are available for free to our clients. Login to the Member Zone or schedule a meeting.

The Workshop

communicate effectively

Communication is essential for any team. When your team is distributed, it is even more so.

With the move to a Work From Anywhere setup, the need to communicate effectively becomes more critical than ever.

We need to redesign communication so it will help teams drive work forward and not create setbacks.

The Fixing Workplace Communication workshop is a 2- to 8-hour experience designed to help your team take communication to its next level and use it to co-create together.

Let’s Meet and create some impact

We’d love to get to know you and your goals and share how we can help you master effective communication

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