Text Matters

Unleash the power of your Ideas

Make every word count

Great content is based on great ideas and a thoughtful, effective design.

Our approach is based on working together throughout the writing process, from refining the idea to perfecting the structure and outline of your text so that every word matters.

The result is an accurate, value-driven text, that creates an impact and drives your audience to action.

Our mentoring-based Content Shaping process is perfect for any type and length of text, from blog posts and articles to non-fiction books.

What You Get

  • Defining the desired impact
  • Find endless writing ideas
  • Perfecting the structure and flow of your text
  • Working with the iAIM-CLEAR-FLOW model
  • Fully remote sessions
  • Self-scheduling for maximum flexibility
  • Chat support between sessions


  • Access to our Content Design Tools
  • Access to our Pattern Library
  • 1 year subscription to seempli: the creativity super tool

New! Personal Writing Bootcamp

A series of 10 1:1 mentoring sessions designed to walk you through the writing process, from generating ideas to final editing. 100% customized to your goals and pace.

Let’s Meet and Create Some Impact

We’d love to get to know you and your goals and share how we can help you achieve them using effective and impactful content

The Keynote Lab Advantage

Focus on ideas

Our primary focus is on how to express your ideas effectively.

Well-designed and well-delivered content makes your audience realize the value you can provide them.

Focus on Skills

Designing effective content is a skill we believe everyone should have.

We don’t just shape your content for you. We work together with you so you will learn the pillars of creating impactful content.

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